THE SHIFTY PIERPONT The country doesn’t see in J. Pierpont Morgan the picture of Morgan as he paints liimself

The country doesn’t see in J. Pierpont Morgan
the picture of Morgan as he paints liimself.
The appearance of this modern Croesus before
the Pujo committee and his testimony discloses
a man of almost inappreciable wealth. His
financial tentacles stretch into every nook and
cranny of the country’s finance and business.
With his banks and trust companies, the insur
ance securities and every other form of financial
obligation under his control, he has it in his
power to shake tins nation to its very founda
tion stones, and also to reach across the oceans
and make European thrones tremble should he
threaten them with the financial weapons he
can wield. Yet, if we are to believe him, ho
cares nothing about money; he has no desire- to
control anybody or anything. He declared that
if he possessed tne power- the committee
credited to him he never knew that he pos
sessed it. It is asserted by those who were
present at his examination that in his language
and demeanor during the four hours he was
testifying he was neither sinister nor cynical,
and that if his humility was assumed it was
not possible to detect it.
“I do not want to control anything,” he said
with simplicity. “You have very great power,
Mr. Morgan,” remarked his questioner. “Have
I? I did not know it.” And this appeared, to
be the frank expression of an honest man.
So says one of the ablest correspondents in
the country, who was reporting proceedings he
fore the committee for a great newspaper that
has not been friendly to Morgan or his Interests
If Morgan’s humility was not merely a cloak!
if he did not realize when he spoke that he was
the greatest single financial power in the world
if he did not know that he could break banks
and destroy investment and create fortunes at
will and then crumble them in the panics he had
but to crook his finger to bring on, what man
ner of man is he.
,A.nd.yti1wl10 could listen to bis testimony
without believing that he was knowingly wear
ing a guard that was intended to conceal the
real Morgan, and to evade the probing and sig
nificant questions he was’ compelled to hear and
In the first place, he didn’t appear before tho
committee as one who had nothing to conceal
and was the harmless and innocent fellow-citizen
his attitude and words asserted. Ho carried
with him to the committee room four of the
greatest lawyers in the country, with the lato
Subscribers to The Commoner who
commenced with tlio first issue of tho
paper should renew their subscriptions
now to avoid tho possibility of missinc
nn issue of the paper. g







Dr. Richardson Will
Examine Rockefeller
Dr Charles W. Richardson, a noted
throat specialist of this city, will con
duct an examination of William Rocke
feller late today or tomorrow at Miami,
Acting under orders ot the Pujo Money
trust committee to make a thorough ex
amination of the money king, who for
a long time evaded subpoena service ot
the committee’s process s triers under
the plea that his health was bad. Dr.
Richardson wau scheduled to arrle at
Miami today to await the coming of
Rockefeller from Nassau.
The committee empowered him to ex
amine thoroughly the money king and
report back by telegraph whether or
not the subject’s health Is Mich as to
prevent mm irom appearing uciore me
Money trust probers.
Dr. Richardson Is the specialist who
accompanied former President Rootfe
elt on many speaking tours through
the country, and he bears the repu
tation of being one of the most efficient
specialists in the United States.
Upon Dr. Richardson’s findings will
depend the further action of the Pujo
committee on the subject of compelling
Rockefeller’s attendance and testimony
at the probe.




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