saint germain

The San Francisco call. (San Francisco [Calif.]) 1895-1913, November 15, 1913, Image 38

Image and text provided by University of California, Riverside; Riverside, CA

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i PI
(tippet half of I*l4 Panel I
Did This Ever I
Happen to You?
I “Callers!” you exclaim to your
j husband when the door-boll riny/s
I unexpectedly of an ovenino;,”and
1 look like a fright.”
Don’t worry. Just take a one
| minute massage with I’ompeian.
Into the skin the cream jfoes: in
a moment out it comes, and — i
Presto! You are transformed. I
“Why, my dear, bow well you ]
look!” exclaims one of the callers
as you appeal’ anion,”; them a
moment later. You are pleased. M
Your husband smiles his proud m
Massage Cream
Now how did you Bubdue those tired !
lines In your face? By the invigorating m
action of the Pompeian massage which a}
relaxed your tense, tired muscles and j
refreshed you wonderfully. What I
brought that clear, delightful, natural H
glow to your pale cheeks? The Pom- jjl
peian massage which stimulated the m
blood circulation In your face as the m
cream rubbed In and out in Its peculiar H
friction-creating way.
I Try the above plan and become happy “A
In the knowledge of your good looks. jj
Trial Jar & Art Panel 1
sent for 10c. Siso or 1914 Panel 32 x7M Inches, [j
Mo advertising: on front. Exquisitely ex- p
ecuted In colors. Clip coupon now.
Tks Pssiptisa Mif. Co.. 17S Prtssed St. Otrdud, 0. §
Col off, sign and lend. Stamps accepted, coin preferred.
Tks Pssnssisa Mix. Cs.. 17S Prospect St.. Cleyelaad. 0.
Qentlemeni Enclosed And 10c (coin or stamps) fora trial
Jar of Pompeian Massage Cream and tbo 1814 Art Panel.
City State
L WAA H JPSsssssssft** blnM ” Sswutlfsinc Trsstmsfit
1\ aUroi>tof”»nly2cweekl» Th.iu
sjajsaY sands of women enOiualaetical
WS ly praise it, having banished all
facial imperfections. Valuable
— w^* v Book.Health, H«auty. Happiness. Pre*. Write todny
HsMnssa Mrs Co , 655 Robinson Blda , TsMs, 0
AGENTS A uo/!ter ew
k Novel watch-shaped Llghter. Operated
fOc* oetm t Hne Signet Ring,
WaU-h Chain. 1 Fountain Pen. 1 Wliis
ma JUYgMWfAc. 1 ‘•” sold Tooth and 20 Fun Caids,
Bu/vT}lttßp .titroduce our lug Catalog wo scud all
postpaid f”r lO reefs. 3 1.4s IV.
f\ATCMTC That Protect and Pay
LI AIL W Id Send Sketch or Model for Search.
Waboa E. Colcsus. Ptitcut Lawyer, Washington. 0. C.
‘I have told Dr. Grimm that your
friends will take twenty-live thousand
and he says he will have the money to
“Good! You told him what to do?”
“Tee. He win be there at midnight.
For one part of the transaction, Sig
nora, I would willingly change places
Willi him.”
a silvery laugh was recorded.
“All. monsieur, for what you have
done I could wish to have you change
places. Over the telephom 1 kiss
Vul! ”
“Without the telephom—ma cherie
— tomorrow?” hinted Jacot in ills most
gallantly insinuating tune.
“Perhaps, We shall see. Ah —
quick — monsieur. Good bye. I hear
Giorgio coming to my room ”
The receiver at the other end had
evidently been hung up at the most
interesting point of the little fiirta
t ion
JftCOt was now trembling like a leaf.
“Before God, .Mr. Osgood,” he cried,
“it’s all (rue enough. But I know
no more l about it now than you know.
I did nothing — nothing. I was only
the agent of Dr. Grimm who mat this
woman, the agent of the others. She
led me on — like a fool — women,
women ”
“Let me see,” interrupted Clare.
“The number 2:530 is not the Ritz, of
course. Hello. Information. What
is the street address of 2330? The
York Arms — Fifty-eighth. Thank
you. Mr. Osgood — your car, please.”
THEY pulled up with a jolt before
1 the York Arms and the hall boy
was subsidized to show them to the
Vaccaro apartments.
As Lawson and Osgood half
tumbled into a sitting room, they
stopped short before Signora Ascoli,
tall, imperious, in a diaphanous morn
ing gown.
lt needed no word from any of them
to tell her that she was cornered.
There was Jacot himself cringing in
the rear. Facing her was the woman
she had seen at the Ritz who had
caused her hasty departure and had
aroused suspicion that after all Dr.
Grimm might have spoken with the
hated polizia.
Quickly she glided, almost like a
serpent, to a stand and seized a bot
tle of acid. Before she could pour it
into a long brass tube, Lawson with
his heavy cane had dashed the bottle
to the floor where the acid ate into
and blackened the wood.
Another moment and Clare had
seized the tube itself. From it she
The Golden Chimera
(Continued from Page 5)
also that the marvels of the man were
due to the philosopher’s stone.
Whether cathode rays and vacuum
tubes can effect as much, whether for
that matter Saint-Germain could, is at
least conjectural. Yet if there be a
word of truth in history, there have
been people who knew more than the
rest of us, people who knew how to
make you believe anything you
It is a great art. Saint-Germain
possessed it. So, too, did Cagliostro.
In addition, there were others. There
were so many that they pervaded
Europe. But though pervasive they
were not propagandists. It was not
everybody that could happen, as
Flamel did, haphazard, on their se
This secret, a society known as the
Rosicrucians, banded themselves to
gether to guard. What the secret
really was we may surmise and never
know. But its provenance is less
problematical. The Rosicrucians had
it from the Kabballsts, a sect that
stretches back to the seers of Chaldea
who got it, or, more exactly, who are
said to have said they got it, from
Raziel, Angel of Mysteries.
That statement is taken from the
Sepher, a scroll otherwise known as
the Book of Creation. The Sepher is
not perhaps very authoritative. But
it must have seemed so to Agrippa, to
Paracelsus, Nostradamus, and Alber
tus Magnus; for, generally in the tol
erable abstruse pages of these magi
He lose* both his business and advertising appropriation, who falls to make good.
drew a long strip of canvas. As it
unwound Osgood cried in delight, “At
last! My lost Ginevra Bond — safe!”
“Subito …. Giorgio . . . .
Yurgensia . . . .” cried the woman,
dashing fnto a bedroom, through an
other door.
They followed. There stood Vac
caro— his escape cut off. With a
hasty sentence or two in low Italian,
she flung her arms about his neck.
For one long moment they held each
other in a passionate embrace.
“He is the thief,” cried Jacot who
had heard and translated the words.
“He planned it from his knowledge of
art: he did it under the spell of those
eyes — eyes like those in the painting
itself — for which a man would risk
all — honor, life. I see it. This
meant money for both — love “
Jacot paused, horrified. The faces
of the lovers had changed even as he
was speaking. Together, locked in
an unrelaxing grasp they sank hack
on the divan.
Staring at the intruders lay Vac
caro unable to move a muscle, heal
ing but powerless to speak, as if ebb
ing away. Lawson looked quickly
from one to the other of the pair. Tho
already hardening features of Giuiia
Ascoli told the story.
“Ricinus again,” he muttered. “The
poison by which they killed others.”
Clare had reached down and with
drawn carefully from the jewelled
hand of the Ascoli woman a little
ring which she held out to Osgood.
“The poison ring of the Borgias,”
he cried in amazement, “taken from
my own collection. See, it has a hol
low in the part that encircles the
stone, with a point and a little con
cealed spring. It is a formidable and
easy weapon — see — the fatal scratch
could be given while shaking hands
— while blinded by the passion of the


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