relationship between the Bush family to Nazis


Granma , Cuba 

Will Obama Continue
the Bush Family
Agenda in Cuba?
It has been written about the close relationship between the Bush family to Nazis in early twentieth century, shady business dealings and the source of family capital. This breed has always been in the U.S. elite, because of his wealth, influence, privileged membership into the secret society Skull and Bones and lack of scruples. But enough information and clues relate to the strong corporate ties to the Bush family in Cuba, almost 40 years before the triumph of the Revolution in 1959. Cuba had become a haven for American investments with the help of puppet rulers who pocketed public money and receive higher commissions for selling our sovereignty. In the twenties, a group of multinationals became owners of numerous properties. The seeds of resentment is against this background that George Herbert Walter, maternal grandfather of George W. Bush, member of the wealthy family headed by Prescott Bush, was placed as a director of seven companies operating in Cuba since 1920. Were devoted to sugar, rum distillation and rail infrastructure serving. These were The Cuba Company, The Cuban Railroad, Cuban Dominican Sugar, Sugar Barahona, Cuba Distilling, Sugar Estates of Oriente and Atlantic Fruit and Sugar. They all came together in 1942 in the West Indies Sugar Company, nationalized in 1960 by the Cuban revolutionary government. bloomed the family business in the forties and forged a strong commitment to another wealthy family well: the Dulles, who served as advocates of the Bush clan and successfully prevented the leak to the press and Senate investigations on Prescott Bush’s ties with the Nazis. Both families in turn coincided with a common interest in Cuba, business and investment capital. The Dulles (Allen Welsh, former head of the CIA and John Foster, former Secretary of State-), in addition to their interests in the Unit Fruit Company, which owned 120 000 hectares for the cultivation of sugar in Cuba, had other corporate bonds in our country that’s involved in preparing the coup of Batista. The Dulles had substantial ties to companies interested in Cuban nickel and business was being conducted in Cuba, Sullivan and Cromwell law firm dedicated to handling the finances of Wall Street. In 1953 George H. dies Walter, but his son the same name (Jr.) and uncle of George Bush, was the one who took the reins of the above seven companies. They try several sources, including the American Kevin Phillips, who revealed details of the family in his book American Dynasty, 2004: Aristocracy, Fortune and policies of deceit in the House of Bush.Similarly, that same year, George Bush ( Father W. Bush) has entered the oil business and founded the Zapata Oil oil company in Houston, Texas, creating Zapata Offshore as a subsidiary. Zapata Offshore concentrated its business in the Caribbean, Gulf of Mexico and Central American coast since the late the fifties to early sixties. During this period he participated in the bidding process for mineral rights that the U.S. government began in 1954. In 1958, Zapata Offshore signed a deal to exploit oil fields 40 miles from Cuba and north of Isabela de Sagua, in the province of Las Villas. A business also truncated the triumph of the Revolution in 1959. However, eliminating the possibility of continuing the business and investment in Cuba, George Bush, father remained President of Zapata Offshore in 1966.During this period the company acquired more power. From 1956 to 1963, and Zapata Offshore oil platforms had acquired four: Scorpion, Vinegaroon, Sidewinder and Nola III, which included a site in the Persian Gulf and Kuwait contract. In the midst of soaring business, George Bush ran in 1964 the race for top positions in government, wanted to be senator and lost. In 1966 he returned to the charge for a seat in Congress, for which apparently sold the firm to his friend Robert Gow, equal member of the secret society Skull and Bones “and son of an officer of United Fruit, to avoid what U.S. law called “conflict of interest. Simply put, when a proposed private access to a government post, but in practice it is a tactic to secure business. In fact there are later records of business links between W. Jeb Bush and his brother Robert Gow with companies that work together and renamed, so the continuity of history is not clear. It is striking that in 1969, Zapata also bought shares of United Fruit and from that moment, the latter became United Brands. The track followed Zapata Offshore and the owner of George Bush, has been a mystery for linking both to CIA declassified documents shown by the U.S. secret services themselves. Also, because Zapata records were destroyed.Much after 1960, which was associated with George Bush to protect when he began his political career and completely disappeared between 1981 and 1983, when it began as U.S. Vice President Subjects had. However, his son W. Bush, already graduated and gone into business administration, also became part of several companies linked to oil also.The truth is that through the West Indies Sugar and Zapata is likely that the Bush family, besides being affected their business and investment in Cuba has maintained a “right” to claim from the nationalizations made ​​by the Revolution.Remember that many companies have continued to pass these “rights” to the present, hoping to retrieve the properties or high compensation under the complicity of law and the U.S. government. Arithmetic simple: a family feud of nearly half a century is evident then that more than 12 years of delivering the highest Bushite in U.S. executive chair (4 of George W. Bush Bush and 8), led to resentment could become vengeance. To this is added the first year that served as CIA director (1976-77) and then eight as vice president of U.S. (1981-89), not counting the time the Bushes have held other positions of senators, governors, representatives, and so on. From the very triumph in 1959, his grandfather Prescott Bush and the two (father and son) have instigated, participated or decided on any action to destroy the Revolution, military invasions, assassination attempts, espionage, counter support for external and internal mercenary, persecution of our assets and all possible measures to intensify the blockade. The Bush, Dulles and other stakeholders rapidly fall to see the Revolution, lost corporate interests in Cuba, had a quick direct participation in Playa Giron. Long before April 1961, George Bush, along with CIA agent Felix Rodriguez also and others involved in the recruitment of Cuban exiles to participate in the invasion. Fletcher Prouty, a former CIA officer, confirmed in his book published in 1973, The Secret Team, two of the boats used in the landing by Giron Barbara J and Houston were renamed and painted by the Bush agent at the naval base in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, before being sent to Cuba, and that his company Zapata Offshore was used as a facade. Excessive interest in recovering Cuba was demonstrated by the Commission of Inquiry indicated by Kennedy, which it found violated the mechanisms of American executive decision. Three years after Bay of Pigs, the old Prescott Bush instigates a new invasion of Cuba during his campaign for U.S. Senator in 1964. The subsequent history is known. George Bush, accompanying Reagan, ended in the eighties with flexibilization Gerard Ford and Carter did to the lock. Then he tried in 1992 with the Torricelli in the last year of his mandate, the coup de grace to the disappearance of the socialist revolution in Eastern Europe. George W. Bush Jr. took the lock to the extreme limit, and the requirement to return property nationalized in 1959, not by choice was called Plan Bush. You know the Obama administration this story? Although Bush is not the much less solely responsible for the irrational and inhumane policy toward Cuba, Obama does inherit the family legacy and take left by the Bush personal vendetta? Barack Obama does not have to. I would also complicit. If Obama maintains interest in renewing the infrastructure of the establishment and worked to maintain its image of honesty and altruism should not follow the footsteps of the Bush clan and its petro-military, especially Jeb living in Florida, the repository of a family aspiration impossible to give the fruit the final bite. * Doctor of Science


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