Companies like GE who used to be though of as an ‘american company’

Some of your articles seem interesting, and i dislike obama as much as the next guy i suppose but I dont think that obama is a marxist. Aside from the failed heathcare debacle – i have even trouble even calling him a socialist. But your excerpts from fox news ignores the fact that obama did not incur all 14-trillion dollars in debt – i believe he had quite a bit of help from bush and the many administrations before that.

Secondly although obama does sign the bills – he does not write them.. thats the job of all the idiots currently in the senate and house that really dont care about “the people”, or about “freedom” or even about “america” for that matter – all these people care about is getting re-elected and lining their own pockets from corporations and lobbyists at the cost of everyone else… this is hardly marxism.. but the true essence of capitalism.

These people, who supposedly represent us (disregarding the fact that most of us have never felt represented in the least) get free heath care (for life), and work hard (irrespective of their political affiliation) to keep the elites (that is big business) from having to pay anything into the system. We hear all the times of about companies moving out of the country.. and dont think for a second that it is for any other reason that “fattening their bottom line” while blue-collar Americans are losing their jobs. Additionally corporations also attack and displace white-collar workers – and import labor from india and other places – again this is to fatten up corporate profits. Not because such workers dont exist…

Companies like GE who used to be though of as an ‘american company’  has now has more than half of its workforce outside of the US, and as reported in the news the part of the company based in the U.S. earned $5.2 billion in profits in 2010, but it paid not a penny in taxes. Not only did this company not pay any US taxes, but it got a $3.2 billion tax credit to boot from uncle sam.

But since the topic was on the debt ceiling i just dont see why all the blame is put on obama (or the democrats – as the republicans are no better), but with congress itself. Are we to believe that longest-serving Republican senator Ted Stevens infamous “bridge to nowhere” project was the exception rather than the rule… this isnt even counting the 27 Billion dollars in taxpayer dollars that mysteriously “went missing” in as part of the iraq war effort ( Or the $300 Million taxpayer dollars we spend each DAY funding the war in afghanistan… thats not even counting the cost of american soldiers who lost their lives….and for what? If anyone is to be blames its our congresspersons who spend with careless abandon… it doesnt help that this president (like many others) doesnt have a spine or the political will to cut off the hand that feeds him and all the others in the house and senate.


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