Does Stock Market Crash August 5, 2011

They are about to do it again… but this time the market will stay down!

Recently, an old FP showed back up… one that I seen back on 01-31-2011, showing the SPY at 34.65! Yeah, that’s not a mistake… I said 34.65! On Friday the SPY was 129.33, which makes clearly makes the 34.65 print seem impossible to hit. But, what if it’s another signal to the insiders as to where they plan to take the market? The print that I caught back in January of this year was caught again Friday by Anna ( on her 4 hours chart of the SPY. I didn’t see it on my chart, but she uses Think Or Swim and I use Ameritrade… so possibly the systems are different and it never appeared on both?

There is a guy named Alan ( that explains how they (the operators controlling the stock market) could seen out price levels for certain prints (high, low, open, and closing price) in color to the insiders, while us sheep see it in black and white. They have the technology to do that, so only certain people will see the color prints… which will allow them to know where they plan on taking the stock market to, the exact level, and the time it will hit it.

I think that is the case now, which explains why these FP’s don’t show up on every different charting platform. I’ve seen prints show up on Ameritrades’ platform (Prophet Charts), but not on Think Or Swim… and vice verses. I think those are accidents, as the system they use to inform the insiders with colored numbers isn’t perfect and sometimes us sheep see one show up.

However, knowing the exact date that it will be hit is still a mystery to us sheep, as we don’t have the prints in color or the code to understand how to read them. So, we can only guess at the “when” part for the FP to be hit. But, since we are just 2 days away from the possibility that America could default on its’ debt, I think the FP showing back up is a signal that they do plan to default. If so, then the time to hit that 34.65 FP on SPY is very near, as a stock market crash will definitely happen if America really does default.


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