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From Little Joe


I gotta let you in on something big. I could let you find out by reading the September issue of the, which I ask you to do anyhow.  But since you are very special to me, I want to give you a heads-up.

Ginny and I have been invited to Shanksville, Pennsylvania in September.  I wouldn’t miss it for the world but… But the event promises to be heart-wrenching.  If you want the details, open the first attachment.

I don’t ever remember asking any group of people to send money for something.  It’s always been my position that how you use your money is none of my business. Still is.

I can think of several people receiving this message who would be upset with me if I didn’t inform you of the opportunity to help a cause that is so fundamentally American.

If you are in a mind-frame, a position to help; wonderful.  If not, I understand without further conversation.  Either way I will not know or ask.  It’s your business.  The second attachment covers this part.

Both attachments, and more on the subject, will appear in the September issue of the SJ, as we say at the office.  So be sure to punch it up.  In fact, you could take a peek at this month’s issue by going to the first paragraph and clicking.  We let an issue fly only when we are proud of it.

Thanx for listening.

Little Joe
With Ginny at the keyboard

PS:  I’m on the final edit of “Love Letters from the Mark Twain Hotel,” the story of how, using 77 actual letters mailed from Hollywood, my father told us the how, who and where he went, busting his agates as he worked to find an agent and get his first movie or TV acting job.  I’m posturing for a late October release.  Again I’m reminded that a little bit of mazel shoun’tn hoit.

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Special – SnowbirdJournal, September, 2011

America’s Fab-Forty

The Flight 93 National Memorial in Shanksville, Pennsylvania will be officially Dedicated on Sunday, September 11, 2011, the 10th Anniversary of the tragic date we often refer to simply as 9-11.

Forty (40) people who will be forever known as the Heroes of Flight 93 attacked their hijackers to prevent being crashed into the intended target (The Capitol Building?  The White House?) when they were just 20 flight-minutes from Washington, DC.  The flight terminated violently on 1,000 acres of grass that is surrounded by dense woods and farmland in rural Pennsylvania.

The Flight 93 Memorial has been supported by donations from the most generous people on earth, the People of the United States of America!  The world knows that the American people are a major source of relief to humanity around the world, even helping the people of many unfriendly nations.

Donating to the Flight 93 Memorial is an opportunity to help our own.

The Memorial is $10,000,000 short of completing Phase II.

We still need to build a worthy and functional Visitors Center, as more than 100,000 visitors per year have visited the location before much of anything has been built.  Think of the size of crowds upon completion.  The Memorial will have many artifacts and historical items on display along with personalized recorded messages highlighting each of the 40 Heroes.  The messages are spoken by family members and/or close personal friends.

Phase II will also feature the creation of 40 Memorial Groves Honoring each of the Heroes.  Each Grove will have 40 trees planted on its own acre of land.  Imagine the beauty, the serenity of it all!

So please, pitch in and help.  Support the Flight 93 National Memorial at or text MEMORIAL to 90999 to donate $10 right now!

We at the SnowbirdJournal salute your Great American Heart and your Generosity!

On behalf of the 40 Heroes and the Flight 93 National Memorial, we most sincerely